Fish Nerds Short Cast #2 – Salmon Sunday

Posted on 21 November 2014

Clay takes his family to the Pope Dam in Melvin Village, New Hampshire to see the annual spawning of the landlocked Atlantic salmon.  While there he teaches kids about sex (oh no!), talks with Fish Nerd Nation star Josh Jarvis and delivers an awesome Muppet Fish Nerd quiz to Mike Mize. Continue Reading

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Fish Eye Witness News

Fish Eye Witness News: I’ve been probed!

Posted on 17 November 2014

A king fish in Australia claims he has been abducted twice over the past year.  “The first time I was swimming near Port Augusta when I was pulled toward the surface by this hideous hairy thing. It took some measurements and then probed me with this tag.  Well, after I escaped I high tailed it […] Continue Reading

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Fish Nerds #47 – Black Trumpets, Cape Shark and Amazon Giant

Posted on 14 November 2014

The nerds are on a date at the Black Trumpet Bistro in Portsmouth, NH where Chef Evan Mallet shares his deep knowledge of local fish. Also, Dr. Martin talks about Amazon giant arapaima in the Fish Nerd Minute.  Run Down: Interview with Chef Evan Mallet of the Black Trumpet Bistro in Portsmouth, NH Fish in […] Continue Reading

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All About That Bass – Funny…Yes! Uncomfortable…Definitely!

Posted on 10 November 2014

In their latest Parody music video, ASalineSolution takes on All About that Bass. We won’t mention that the fish in this video is a black drum, just sit back relax and try not to let this video make you too uncomfortable… Do these guys a solid and head to YouTube and subscribe to their channel!   Continue Reading

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Fish Nerd Nation, Fish Nerd of the Year

Swedish Fish Nerd Catches 200+ year old fish! Greenland Shark

Posted on 04 November 2014

Just to prove that Fish Nerds exist all over the world, this little gem on YouTube chronicles Joel Abrahamsson’s fishing adventure in Andörja, Norway. The Swede lands, and releases, the biggest fish every caught by kayak. A Greenland shark measuring 566 kg and 401 cm – 1,225 pounds and 13′ 1″ in length.     […] Continue Reading

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Fish in the News

Big Fish Love Shrews

Posted on 03 November 2014

Research from University of Washington researchers report that shrews can be a big part of some fish diets.  The study was done in Alaska where lead Pete Lisi and his colleagues concluded a 13 year study on salmonid diets.  The news story reports that rainbow trout and Arctic grayling over 20 inches long liked shrews – some […] Continue Reading

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Fish Nerds Round Up #003

Posted on 02 November 2014

Link to the Fish Nerd Nation RoundUP   Continue Reading

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Fish Nerds #46 – Crappie Sonor, M. dicki and Dodgy Lures

Posted on 30 October 2014

Includes: End of season brown trout – fishing the Bear Camp River Fall Crappie Fishing and Eating – wishing we had sonor, liking West Marine, mad at Lowrance Elite 4x and happy with Navtronics app Fish Nerds Swag – an FN Vest Contest Expo Say – segment from the expo featuring http://www.measure-it.biz/ Fish in the News: […] Continue Reading

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