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#120 Snopes, Double Twisters, Alabama Sturgeon & The Amazing James

Podcast 120

The Nerds partner up with their old friend The Amazing James and learn about his work with East Bay Regional Park District  and the Mobile Fish Exhibit. fish

James does a great job standing in as co-host and the Nerds move on to discuss “Odd Baits”. Next they take on Snopes who have used the Fish Nerds joke from episode 12 where they discuss the Pacu of Lies. Feel free to hit Snopes on twitter and remind them to cite their sources use @snopes and @debunker to contact them, be sure to use #Pacuoflies .


Finally the Amazing James gets to participate in the famous fish quiz. This gets a little uncomfortable. Enjoy the Show!

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From Wide Open Spaces

10 of the weirdest baits you’ve never used..

First what’s the weirdest bait you’ve ever used?

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