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Biology in the Bahamas Rockingham Expo and Cooking with Squid Ink Ep 184

The curse of silverlake



Today on the Podcast we are back with a vengeance (and a little off schedule)


Update on the Fish Nerds Guide Service


We got one phone call for our Fishy New Year’s Resolutions


Doc Martin our Nerd from Kansas took students on a trip to the Bahamas, we will hear how Students from the Middle of the country reacted to seeing the ocean for real. I wish I had a teacher like Doc Martin when I was a young nerd.


Hugo can’t get enough Tinned Fish, he is back with a tinned squid.


I spent some time at the Rockingham Fishing and Hunting Expo in Manchester NH and I walked around asking everyone one question. What’s the best way to cook a rainbow trout.

In the process I made a few new friends and spent a lot more money than I intended. .


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