Up, Up and Away!!!

New book about flyingfish looks promising.   According to a story at “The Amazing World of Flyingfish”,published by Princeton University Press ($12.95), gets all nerdy about this infamous and fascinating creature. We have never see a flyingfish, but the book’s author notes that there are about 70 species around the world and some get up to 30 inches long.  The fish reach 40 mph to get airborne and flights last up to 300 feet.  Other cool fact: baby flyfishing are called smurfs.  If we get a copy, we will post and podcast our thoughts.


If it ain’t a Scottish Skate, its Crap

‘Cause apparently the Scots grow them big.  We were blown away by the surface area of this 208 lb fish and are not surprised at all that it took 26-old Daniel Bennett  2 hours to land it.


Monster Scottish Skate

We are amused at how the media put the fish’s size in context.  Here is their handy graphic:

graph of skate weight


For some reason they were compelled to compare the fish to a female gorilla, a moped and an Olympic British rower.  They did not even note that the rower was heavier than a gorilla too.    The Brits need to work on their measuring standards.


Big Skate

original story: