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Tinned Fish Gourmet Frozen Beers and Crappie Hippie Ep 183


The curse of silverlake


We had a ton of fun this week with the Crappie Hippie as our cohost. Crappie Hippie makes Glasswater Leadfree Lures and they catch fish! I caught this rainbow on them. 

IMG_0337 IMG_0338 IMG_0341 IMG_0342

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Fish Nerds Podcast 152 Folly Beach, Taxonomy & Killing Trout



We are freshly back from Folly Beach South Carolina and are so lucky that the Fish Nerds Correspondents are creating content while we are gone.

In this episode we hear from

Chris Weatherhead and Clarence Felder they share some fishy stories and are really cool Historians too!


Clarence Felder (star) Chris Weatherhead (Director/Writer/Producer) & Jean Carlton (Associate Producer) receive awards for both films in Houston!


You should visit their website and check out their works.

Hugo Joins us and cooks up a yummy Rainbow Trout!

Rainbow Steaked 3

Doc Martin is back and helps us with Taxonomy


Finally Andrew Lewin from Speak Up For Blue is here to tell us a little about conservation



Fish Nerds Podcast 145 Carrie Z, Purple Octopus & More Reasons to Fly Fish


Intro Guest read by Wachusett Reservoir Addicts


Carrie Z of the HuntFishTravel Podcast, and of the Adventure & Travel Podcast launching this summer!


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Spearing Fish with Carrie Z (11 minutes)

Promo Outdoor Podcast Channel

Rich Collins – Fly Fishing Minute

Purple  Octopus

Purple Octopus 1Purple Octopus Marinating

Killing fish and time with Hugo

Purple Octopus

1 octopus, beak and eyes removed

1 red cabbage, sliced so it’ll fit in a juicer

Juice or puree one head of red cabbage.

Place the octopus in a tupperware and cover with the cabbage juice.

Place in fridge for 24 hours then remove and rinse.

*At this point I vacuum sealed and cooked the octopus using the Sous Vide device but you could otherwise

bring it to a boil and cook on medium heat in water for 20 minutes per pound.

Sous Vide Method

Preheat Sous Vide bath to 180 F

Vacuum seal the octopus and cook in Sous Vide for four hours.

At this point the octopus will be perfectly tender and ready to use in any recipe. I used my Searzall food

torch to give it some color and a little charring

Purple Octopus SearingPurple Octopus Cutting Board
Octopus Asian Salad

Michael Frank Ken Edmonds of Georgia talks fly-fishing & Dave Whitlock



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Fish in the News




Cooking Codfish Tongue and Cheek

We are not kidding, this is a thing and you are going to love it.
The great thing about cooking codfish tongue, cheek and collar is that most people throw these away and you get them free or super cheap!
Culinary Correspondent Hugo Medeiros put this recipe together for us.
Cod Photo Black and White

Fried Codfish Tongue, Cheeks and Collar

IMG_5067 IMG_5068

Fresh codfish tongue, cheeks and collar
McCormick Golden Dip Seafood Fry Mix
Heat oil in a deep fryer to 375.
IMG_5071 IMG_5072
Prepare batter per instructions on the Fry Mix box.
Dip the cod pieces in the batter, let drip and then slowly lower into the oil. Do not overcrowd or the oil
temperature will drop and you’ll have soggy food.
Fry until golden which should be about five minutes.
Lift basket, let oil drain and then place seafood to drain on a plate with paper towels.

Fish Nerds Podcast 130 No Humans are in this Tinned Fish!


This episode might have gone too far. Clay thought it would be a great idea to eat Tinned Fish for the Thanksgiving Special. So Clay invited friends Rich Collins and Vinnie Matturro to join him to eat a pile of tinned fish. The boys quickly realized they were in over their heads. They then learn about what happens when tuna is cooked without removing the workers from the oven. Enjoy this show!



Six reasons you should eat Sardines


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Fish Nerds Podcast 129 Line Cutterz, Shark Tank and Guide Disasters




The week our co host is Michael Frank, Mike is a guide in South Carolina and is brother to the Amazing James! His guide service is Frank’s Fly Arts Fly Fishing Guide Service – Guest intro read this week is NANFA’s Snorkel Meister Casper Cox 



Our friend Vance Checks in, Vance owns and created the Line Cutterz Ring. Line Cutterz will be on Shark Tank Friday November 18 at 9pm EST. on ABC. We learn a lot about getting booked on the show and about the History of Line Cutterz.


Cooking Correspondent Hugo Medeiros checks in with a recipe for Trout Pate’


Finally in Fish In The News we learn why everyone got the election results wrong except a little fish in India

You’re not going to want to miss this show.