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squidobo collage

We are very excited to announce that one of our favorite Nerd chefs, Hugo Medeiros, will be sharing his recipes here in the Fish Nerd Kitchen.  We look forward to seeing his amazing creations and sharing them with you.

squidobo recipe

Easy Fish Cakes

This is a simple recipe if you have a food processor. The chef says any white fish will do, but we recommend trying some pickerel fillets in this recipe.

Black Sea Bass with Wild Mushrooms, sans skin

Melissa Clark for the New York Times shows how to roast a fish.  Her fish monger gave her a black sea bass which have been expanding their range northward in the Northeast.  Good choice of fish because of its white flesh and good size.  Melissa shares some clever fish cooking tricks, and now we want to put crispy wild mushrooms on everything (yum).  The fish looks great and we can’t wait to try it with a largemouth bass or a even a big pickerel.


Jamie Oliver on Frozen Fish

There are many celebrity chefs out there but Jamie Oliver is one of the most practical ones. Here he examines frozen fish and notes that it is not better than fresh fish, just different. He explains the best ways to use frozen fish, like in a fish pie. Yum.

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image_16 Sep. 26 17.43

Crispy Fish Recipe

This should be great with walleye or any of the sunfish. We think the secret is butter-flavored shortening.



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