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Noob Spearo Podcst – 5 Tips for Beginner Spearfishers Episode 191

The curse of silverlake

Today on the show We have Isaac Daly aka Shrek from the Noob Spearo Podcast The Podcast show interviewing spearfishing experts, authorities and characters from all over the world. We dial in on the experience and wisdom from a diverse bunch of spearos from all over the globe. From spearfishing in the cold waters of the North Sea and Arctic to the clear, tropical waters of the great barrier reef, we find spearos with tips to help you improve your spearfishing. Listen into Isaac ‘Shrek’ Daly and Levi ‘Turbo’ Brown on the Noob Spearo Podcast free Find out more at

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Spearos and freedivers have really started travelling. I’ve heard of a few and this article about freediving equipment to take to Antartica really shows its growing in popularity. Its not all about crystal clear warm water and coral, every marine environment is special and often worthy of more attention.

Beginner’s guide to Spearfishing

How do we get started?


  • Know how to swim! Learn to hold breath—breath training–free diving course
  • Find a friend or community – Noob Spearo FB group – Forums and social media
  • before you buy equipment – local is king
  • Dive with different people and different places – Diversity
  • 5. Find a consistent source of good information


What gear do we need?


  • Mask
  • Snorkel
  • Wetsuit (open cell and not a surfing suit)
  • Silicone weight belt
  • Long freediving fins
  • Gloves and booties
  • 1+ dive knives (on your weightbelt if possible)
  • Dive float and flag + floatline
  • Speargun


Is it expensive? Total cost of reasonable equipment (some second hand) $800+

How do we stay safe? Always dive with a buddy. Its more fun anyway. Do a freediving course, be prepared for slow and steady improvement, have fun and the fish will come!

If you want to point them to a really comprehensive list of great spearfishing blog posts, articles and interviews then this is our best one.





Speak Up for Blue, Toxic Salmon and Why Podcast? EP 190

The curse of silverlake

This week Andrew Lewin joins us from the Speak Up for Blue Podcast We talk conservation, podcasting and of course we talk Fish in the News. 

FU VERY MUCH Flat Earthers Twisted Ten and Sex with Angel Fish Ep 188


The curse of silverlake



With me tonight is a very special Guest Mr. Adam Poston from the Twisted Ten Podcast

This week we go down the rabbit hole and talk about the Flat Earther’s and directly take on the Flat Earth Podcast

We have Doc Martin and Prof B with a fireside chat and Jeff Danaldson our FN Librarian shares his thoughts.






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We got a call from Liam – Backwoods Graphics, he thinks if the earth was flat cats would have already knocked everything off..




Song Credit.

Lily Allen’s song “Fuck You” was the inspiration and tuneLuckily for the Fish Nerds we have Doc Martin on our team.

Mongabay Frozen Ice Holes and Fish Photography Tips Episode 187


The curse of silverlake

Welcome to the Fish Nerds, it’s the latest about Fish, Fishing and Eating Fish

I’m Clay Groves, chief executive Fish Nerd and Licensed Fishing guide

And in the cohost seat today we have Erik Hoffner – Erik is a fisherman and photojournalist who works for Mongabay, a global environmental news service with 30 million readers. He’s also producer for Mongabay’s podcast, the Mongabay Newscast, which has guests like Margaret Atwood, Jane Goodall and Paul Simon. But photography is his main passion beside fishing, so combining them is a thing he does, and has a long series going called Hunter/Gatherer that chronicles people in pursuit of wild food, and has a new series about ice fishing too.



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In that latter category, check out this new feature we published today, Clay:

“Duterte orders navy to fire on foreign poachers in Philippine waters”

And these,

Brand new series: “Reefscape: A global reef survey to build better satellites for coral conservation”

Fish magnet boom creates headaches in Indonesia’s war on overfishing

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Tinned Fish – Crazy Ice Fishing Driver and Fat Fish Episode 186


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The curse of silverlake


This week we take the Tinned Fish Challenge of course we talk about  Fish in the News

Woman Drives over Hancock fishing site, destroying equipment

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