Oyster Pirates – Speak Up For Blue & Slime Eels #175



Andrew Lewin from Speak Up For Blue Podcast cohosts with Clay Groves. The boys chat about careers in fish podcasts and dive in on the Oyster Pirates of Chessepeak Bay, yeah that was a real thing!
Then the guys chat Fishy News, slime eels are the most fun! Fish in the News

Virginia Eats and Drinks – Fish Guy Josh – FN Librarian – Fishing Reports #174


Jeff the FN librarian is back with a koi story. Fish Guy Josh is here With his new Segment, Fish Guy on Fish Guys- I had lunch with Virginia Eats and Drinks Magazine and Radio producer Patrick – – We went fishing with our FN Fly Correspondent Rich Collins and we have an a amazing amount of local fishing reports.

Here is a video from Fish Guy Josh



This episode of the fish nerds podcast is brought to you by the Beyond Data Podcast… Our friend and science writer Rett Talbot’s new show. Here is a sneak peak! Be sure to subscribe on apple podcasts to not miss a single episode. Rett is far nerdier than we are and will make a great podcast for your ear holes.



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Go Fish Dan

Average Joe Fishing Show

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Koi Division Lobster Hell Episode 172




The only Fish Goth Joy Division parody cover band that matters joins us this week to talk music fish and make some news. Hook, the Bassist takes us on a musical journey you won’t want to miss. Hook also performs in the touring band Bitchin Seahorse, Enjoy the show, special thanks to Diana’s Bath Salts for the audio help with this episode.


Fish in the News


Looking for Wild Brook Trout, Return to Tunnel Brook Road EP 171

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Chris Proulx from recently made a documentary on the Brook Trout Restoration project on Tunnel Brook Road in New Hampshire. Chris and I (Clay) went to check out the progress by having a very scientific fishing adventure. In this special episode we take you along with us to hear for yourself if the Tunnel Brook Road Brook Trout experiment has worked.

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Ten Great Flies for Fall Fishing Backwoods Graphics and Running With Sharks 170


Liam from Backwoods Graphics joins us as co-host this week


We play a little stump the Fish Nerds

A little Fish in the News

Sammy Talks a little about what to do when your dad sticks you with a hook


We chat with North Country Angler  and Hill Country Guides  about some great flies to use while fishing this fall for trout.




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But First – Conversation with Liam



Did you ever hurt your kid with a fish hook?



First up Flies you need to know about for fall trout fishing



How bout some News?




Karl Hayes

Can I eat trout that has been in my freezer for 4 months lol?



DO Bullheads produce Venom?

Bullheads are probably best known for the sting that can result from careless handling. That “sting” is actually a sharp cut from contacting the sharp edges of the dorsal and pectoral fins. Jim Congdon, DNR fisheries manager in Horicon, says the fins are a defense mechanism the bullheads use to prosper in lakes and waterways throughout the state. “Predators learn to avoid a sharp-finned meal,” he notes.

If you, like me, have had the unfortunate experience of swooping your hand into a mass of bullhead fry roaming near a boat landing, you understand how painful those sharp little fins can be. A bullhead “sting,” is more painful than that of a bee, and within minutes swelling can occur.The pain can last for a week or more. Congdon explained that bullhead fry have small glands near their side fins which produce a poison that can make getting “finned” by even half-inch fry very painful. These poison glands are common throughout the catfish family. Not to worry though – the poison is not life threatening and the pain can be dulled by dabbing the wound lightly with household ammonia. Don’t dab gashes or larger open cuts.



Recently, Jeremy Wright, a graduate student in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Michigan, determined that there are at least 1,250 and possibly more than 1,600 species of venomous catfish in the world, including the yellow bullhead, brown bullhead, channel catfish, blue catfish, stonecat, slender madtom, and white catfish. All madtoms except the Orangefin, which is a threatened species from Virginia and North Carolina, are venomous.


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As you know last week I was at Podcast MIDATLANTIC hanging out with lots of Nerds and at 1am I tried to record a stump the Fish Nerds segment, it went terribly wrong because they thought it was a trivia contest, so I am putting it out here anyway… I love other podcast Nerds and don’t forget  September 30th is International Podcast Day



Clay: So That’s it you’ve listened to a  bunch of Fish Nerds when you should have been fishing!

Liam: We would love to thank our Families for supporting while we podcast, go on fishing quests and do silly things that nerds do.

Clay: Special thanks to the gang at Podcast MIDATLANTIC, North Country and Hill Country Guide Service my kid Sammy (sorry I stuck ya)  and Liam from