Tuckerman’s Brewery Bass Tactics and Expensive Scallops Episode 166






Our friend Nick sits in the Co-pilot seat and we have a ton of fun!

Bass Fishing while kids are at camp
Tuckerman’s Brewing Company
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There’s a new Fishing Podcast on the Internet, Livewell Podcast
The Livewell is a podcast about fishing and the outdoors. It is based in Minnesota, but features the sport nationwide. Hosted by Andy Petterson and Justin Moen. _Please Head to Itunes or Stitcher and subscribe. Take a listen and tell Andy and Justin what you like and more importantly what you want to hear. They are brand new and feedback is important.

Shout out to Gerry Hansel – He’s a fan who visited NH this week from the Midwest and grabbed some lifelist fish while he was here.


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Karl Hayes
Why are scallops so much money?
CaptShawn Tibbetts Scallops are primarily caught far offshore. The quotas are small and supply and demand gets big dollars for them

Tunnel Brooktrout – Eating Fish Sperm – Imagine Dragons Sing Fish Nerds


Chris Proulx from to tell us about his documentary  White Mountain Tunnel Brook Road in Partnership with the US Forest Service. We learn how Hurricane Irene has impacted the stream and what US Forest Service is doing to bring back brook trout habitat. Doc Martin sings some Imagine Dragons, Hugo cooks sperm! Yeah for real he does and the news is all sperm this week.


a real fish nerd

Naked & Afraid – Pee Mail and Fish Nerd on the Appalachian Trail





Today on the Show

Hugo Medeiros is back with Killing fish and time with hugo, can’t wait to hear what he’s cooking-.

FLuke with Banana Pic

I picked up an AT through hiker who is a total fish nerd -Yates Carrier instagram @kook_in_the_woods


And we get Naked and Afraid with Samantha Ohl You can see her episode on Discovery on August 13th 10pm


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Stump the Fish Nerds

Fish in the news


Fish of the Day – Muskie Attacks and the Twisted Ten










Doc Martin and Fish Guy Josh team up to bring us a great new fish segment

Fish In the News

A girl was attacked by a muskie

We chat with reporter Mike Vokovan

Stump the Fish Nerds

-Fish Mortality from deep water

The Fish Nerds visit the Twisted Ten Podcast




Trophy Pumpkinseeds, Thermal Tolerance of Fishes and Flying with Lobsters episode 162



I am back to work at Summer Camp

Doc Martin is Back

Hugo is still eating like a fish

And stay tuned at the end of the show for your local fishing reports.

We need more of these so if you are out fishing, and want to leave a report call 607-378-FISH

But first STUMP the FISH NERDS


Hi Clay,

Just saw this clip put out by Nebraska game & parks regarding a new fish ladder. I’ve heard you talk often about the ladder you worked at years ago, but never could quite visualize how it works. Is it similar to this Z-type ladder? Thanks for any reply. I’m sure I’m not the only listener that would enjoy hearing more.

Your fan and Patreon supporter,

Kevin Kupzyk


Now this ladder from Nebraska seems to be made for channel cats…

The Amoskeag Fishways is designed for anadromous fish, but the concept it the same…

Been a crazy week, I am back at summer camp as a fishing counselor. My job..

The Doctor is in, Doctor Erika Martin is back and answering listener fishy bio questions. This week we get to learn about how water temperature impacts bass.

Fish in the News


Hugo is back with Killing Fish and Time with Hugo, Hugo Medeiros is still eating smooth dogfish, check it out


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So that’s it you’ve listened to a bunch of fish nerds when you should have been fishing.