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Chicago Eels – Fish of the Day and Hanging Tuna EP 177


Tonight on the show is Part II of fish guy josh meets fish guys

We jump in the deep end with the news and learn about Eels in Chicago and Tuna hanging from trees in Gloucester

Fish Guy Josh and Doc Martin have joined forces to bring us their Fish of the Day Segment.

So let’s get right to it!

Fish Guy Josh has been part of our show for a long time and works as a biologist in California. He brings us part II of his story on swimming with Whale Sharks or as Finding DORY says “SWIMMING WITH WHALLLLEE SHARKS” you can find part I on episode 174 – Links in the show notes Fish Guy Josh also has a fantastic youtube channel, be sure to subscribe

OK now how about some news – But before I get into that, we had huge storms here in NH this week resulting in massive flooding, this fall and late summer huge storms brought floods to Florida, taxes and Puerto Rico. It got us thinking about what happens to fish in floods… we will dive into that on next weeks show.

Special thanks this week in the news to Captain Shawn Tibbetts and David Jakubiak from the Environmental Law and Policy center in Chicago for their help.

How about some fish of the day with Fish Guy Josh and our Very own Doc Martin. I think we are going to learn about Carp and Goldfish…

Special thanks to Fish Guy Josh (find his youtube channel) Captain Shawn from Doc Martin find her in our facebook group, David Jakubiak from and of course thanks to Nick Hudson Swogger of Diana’s bath salts for mixing this show


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