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China Dead Fish Story Stinks in More Ways than One

 photo from AP (although Esquire listed Twitter)


Nothing to See Here, Just 35 Tons of Dead Fish from a Chinese Lake

by Esquire 


FN Rating: Rotten fin-rotten

It seems a bunch of herring were swimming in a tidal river when they got sucked up by a pumping station and dumped into freshwater Hongcheng lake in Haikou, in China. Officials say the change salinity killed the fish, and we believe them because most herring will die if you just look at them funny.  The fish kill appears to be man-made, yet another reason not to dam rivers. The story did not name the fish, but based on the description, pictures, and our Google machines, we think the fish are Richardson’s sardinella (Sardinella richardsoni)

Our favorite parts of this story

  • “The fish were then incinerated so that locals could not sell them at market. ”  – From the real pictures of the event, the fish actually look pretty fresh.  maybe the city was just treating everyone to a 35 ton fish BBQ.  They also said that it was not a pollution issue, but now that they burned them it will just add to China’s air quality issues.
  • “They got sucked into a pumping system and dumped into the lake” – that literally sucks if you were the fish.
  • “Authorities claimed that salinity levels, not pollution, killed the fish” – too much sodium, not good for you.
  •   – this picture earned this story a FN Rotten score.  It  is actually of a guy scooping up dead fish in 2007 from a completely different lake. Note the species of carp in the net. Not dead herring. Plus these fish are way more rotten than the ones in they were picking up.


“white and yellow fish were members of the herring family”. – 35 Tons of Dead Fish Appear in China Lake, Time

Daily Mail UK had much better pictures:



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