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Commercial fishing bigmouth buffalo and common carp

ScreenClipMinnesota has a big freshwater commercial fishery for bigmouth buffalo and common carp – who knew.  Minnesota’s West Central Tribune reported the story and followed a crew from “Mike’s Rough Fish”. The word is the harvest is dropping. Yearly Minnesota use to harvest 6-7 million pounds of buffalo and carp. Now they are around 2 million. The season is only in March to May, when the walleye season is closed.

Our favorite parts of this story

  • Kandiyohi is from the Native American Dakota language and it means “where the buffalo fish come.’’
  • One crew catches about 20,000 lbs of buffalo in a morning
  • They truck them live to Chinatown in New York (Dave has seen live bigmouth buffalo in Boston’s Chinatown.  Were they from Minnestota?)
  • Carp are sent to New Jersey to be turned into gefilte fish. (We just read a story about gefilte fish in the New York Times)
  • Carp eggs and milt are sold as “poor man’s caviar” (how poor do you have to be to eat milt?)
  • Carp pituitary glands are sold to fish farms (used to stimulate spawning)
  • Nets can cost $20,000 each (related Bill Nye Made a $20,000 Bet to Shut Up Climate Change Deniers)




Where buffalo fish swim, nets follow






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