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Guest intro read by Liz Covart host of Ben Franklin’s World a Podcast about Early American History

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Barry Singer, Fish Artist and Fish Nerds supporter, called us last week to discuss why he supports the show.

I love cooking fish, but am not great at it.  Fish Nerds Culinary Correspondent Hugo Mederios came to the rescue with this fantastic Cod recipe.



(Filipino Coconut Milk and Vinegar Dish)


6 cloves garlic thin sliced

2” knob of ginger peeled and minced

1 large onion julienned

1 tbs olive oil

1 can coconut milk

1/4 cup vinegar

1 long hot chili pepper

1 pound of fresh cod fish

1 tbs fish sauce (optional)

1 tbs brown sugar

salt and pepper to taste


This is one of my favorites. Its so very simple, yet has such a delightful flavor.


I was lucky to have cod that a friend of mine caught himself and gave to me.


Combine all of the ingredients and cook over medium heat until fish is flaky. To check for flakiness, stick a fork in the filet and twist.  If the fish flakes apart it is done.  Do not overcook or the fish will fall apart.  For one inch cod filets this takes about 10 minutes.


 Serve with jasmine rice. Garnish with thin sliced Thai chilies and lots of scallions.

Also in this episode, Hugo visits the Westboro Farmer’s Market and interviews Hannah from  Farmstead Goatcheese.  Listen to find out what this has to do with fishing!

Hugo wasn’t done!  He then bumped into Spencer from  Red’s Best Seafood and filed this interview… makes me want to head down to Massachusetts and go to this farmer’s market. 


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Super Friend of the FIsh Nerds Ryan Dubay suffered from Lukemia, Hugo bumped into him this Summer in MA and gave us this interview. I think you’re all going to like Ryan as much as we do!




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