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Eating Smooth Dog Fish & Are Cormorants a Conservation Win or a Fishy Pest? #159




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Killing Fish and Time with Hugo

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And we explore the question are Cormorants a conservation win or a pest.

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Thai Green Curry Dogfish

According to some studies smooth dogfish have more mercury than most other fish. So we need to be careful here.

Fish in the News

Cormorants are they a conservation win or a pest?

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Facebook convo about cormorants – I got super defensive for the birds as I tire of “Bucket Biologists” deciding who should live and die. So I spoke out before doing my homework…

That said the more I read about the issue, the less I know. I have like Bi-polar cormorant control ideas… I swing from let them live, to kill a bunch and see what happens, you will hear that in my interview today.

Here are some facts we need to work with

According to: Sea Grant

There are Thousands of  cormorants nesting on Lake champlain – Compared to 35 in 1982

Cormorants aren’t considered Natives

Cormorants eat on average 1lb of fish per day. Their diet is almost an exact ratio of fish species in the lake 70% yellow perch. They are opportunistic and will eat freshly stocked fish (easy targets)

That’s it you’ve listened to a bunch of Fish Nerds when you should have been fishing

Special thanks to Hugo Medierios for his dogfish segment an his willingness to suffer the effects of mercury poisoning for you and our friend Rob Thorne from Captain Thorny’s Fishing Charters on Lake Champlain.

Captain Thorny’s Fishing Charters



Big thanks also to Diana’s Bath Salts for providing the Fish in the News Jingle.

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And Swim against the current every chance you get.

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