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#FNPink the Fish Nerds go Pink for the National Breast Cancer Foundation





We are have all been affected by cancer in some way. The Fish Nerds have partnered with and put together a fundraiser for the month of October. We are going to have special giveaways and tons of fun things all month long, all aimed at raising money for National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. Money raised goes directly to paying for mammograms and education.

So click the big pink graphic and make a donation in any amount and your name will be tossed into the prize bucket.

If you want to double your chances of winning, take a photo of yourself and a fish with something pink and post it to out Facebook event .





Prizes so far


Mako Shark Fishing with


Our contest winners Ryan and Bob got to catch the fish of a lifetime when they joined the Fish Nerds on board!
Captain Shawn is a master angler and definitely delivered a trip not to be forgotten!


We condensed 4 hours of raw video into this four minute clip to give you an idea what the trip was like. The video does not do the trip justice!

Update 9/22/2016

In fish in the News we discuss the pup fish, the link to the story is broken now, but on our facebook feed we got the following response.

I (Clay) was making some remarks about evolution without having read the article.

Our Friend said the following

Mike Steffen While everything you said is technically correct. What the study is showing is phenotypic plasticity and not evolution in the same sense you are thinking. Phenotypic plasticity is where one genotype(so the same genetics) can produce different things due to some sort of environmental factor. (This can happen through multiple mechanisms, but the most common way is probably with RNA expression) In this case the envrionmental factor being the lack of water and the need to move. Over time, if these fish became isolated (one population on land and one on water), the underlying genetics can actually make it so they lose this ability to change phenotype (because of underlying genetics are now different) and this trait and genetics get whats termed “fixed” in the respective population. Presumably, this is what happened in early walking animals (tetrapods). Also, everything you said about Lamarck is also correct. However, fairly recently, researchers are finding there may be instances of this being true through epigenetic mechanisms, which are basically another way to get phenotypic plasticity. Theres lots of very cool plasticity studies (I am actually working on one in Australian bees. Also, I learned the pronunciation of that type of fish being kinda like saying “biker”, but that doesnt mean I am saying it correctly either. They are also known and ropefish, or dinosaur fish if you see them at the aquarium store.

We love Mike, he is absolutley correct and we thank him for being far smarter than us! 








FN mako composite image-01

DIY Fishing Caddy

If you ever take groups fishing you know what a nightmare organizing the gear can be; tangled lines, damaged reels, and more time spent getting the gear in order than actually fishing!  Well, I was tired of it, so with a castaway luggage cart, an old milk crate, some pvc pipe, zip ties, black spray paint and a Fish Nerds decal of course, I made this fun little organizing caddy.  Feel free to copy and share.  If you make one of your own be sure to share it with us on Facebook!PicMonkey CollageFor more fishing fun be sure to listen to the Fish Nerds Podcast!

Fishing With Salvaged Gear #FNChallenge

Salvage Challenge


Are you up for an @fishnerds challenge?

This June we challenge you to find and fish with gear you have salvaged.  You can find your gear anywhere, shore or water.

Fish with it, then share it with other Fish Nerds!

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Who can catch the biggest fish?  the strangest fish? with the most interesting gear?  Tune into the Fish Nerds Podcast to find out!

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