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Fish Nerds Fishing Podcast – In Memory of Garid Hounsell


An unusual show focused on Clay’s traumatic experience attempting to save 23-year-old Garid Hounsell who fell into the chilly waters of Pequawket Pond and tragically lost his life. Clay recounts hearing Garid’s cries for help in the night and falling through the ice himself as he tried the reach the him.

The Fish Nerds ask listeners to donate what they can to Garid Hounsell’s family  








Garid Hounsell Family Fundraiser

Text from Go Fund Me website:  My name is Brian Coffey.  Clay Groves and I were the first on the scene when Garid Hounsell fell through the ice on Pequawket Pond in Conway, NH on the night of February 9th.  We were the last two people to speak to Garid before he died and went under the ice.  It was a horrific experience.  My heart is heavy as we later learned that Garid was a young man of 23 and was leaving behind two young sons (two and four years old) and his wife Grace.  My heart bleeds for this family and how fast life can change.  The money should be used for helping this young family survive such a huge loss, especially for the two young boys.  I feel personally connected here, although I never knew Garid, and he never knew me,  my voice was one of the last voices he heard.  I just want to help his poor family in anyway that I can.  I have lived in the Mount Washington Valley for 35 years and one thing I have seen over the years is how generous this area is when someone’s life has been cut short.  It means a lot to know that as a community we can help his family with this terrible loss.  We would be forever thankful for what ever you can give.

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Local man dies in Pequawket Pond – Conway




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