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Fish Nerds Podcast 133 Center Pin Fishing with Daina, Ice Skating on Dead Fish and the FN West








Today’s show is supported by the Fish Nerds Guide Service, the only Ice Fishing Service serving the Mount Washington Valley, if you want to fish with ME Clay Groves, head to to book your trip, we specialize in family friendly ice fishing adventures. And coming in February, Romance/Bromance night fishing for lovers. We will hunt the most romantic of NH’s native fish.


So in today’s show we are going to talk Center-Pin Fishing, I’ve never heard of it either!

As you may know we have a facebook group “The Fish Nerds Podcast” and Dana Snyder and her husband Jeffery Syder have been sharing fantastic photos and videos of the fish they have been catching in the Niagra River, this sparked conversations about fish and of course their technique. I should also say that we needed a female angler on the show because we got called out on another podcast for being a show for guys. The She Podcasts, podcast can be found anywhere podcasts are found, Elsie Escobar and Jessica Kupferman do a fun show but mentioned and talked about the Fish Nerds recently and said women do not fish. I want to show them they are FN wrong. We love them anyway. 


But before I get to her, I chatted with Nate Hill from Hill country guide service about center pin fishing.


So I called Dana and asked her about her fishing, she was actually fishing the Niagara river when I called.. That’s the background noise you will hear in this interview. 


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Fish in the News

I asked Nate to hang with me for the news

News this week was submitted to us by our fans on the fish nerds podcast group on Facebook

Fish Guy Josh and the Amazing James tossed us a little news too!

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