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Fish Nerds Podcast 145 Carrie Z, Purple Octopus & More Reasons to Fly Fish


Intro Guest read by Wachusett Reservoir Addicts


Carrie Z of the HuntFishTravel Podcast, and of the Adventure & Travel Podcast launching this summer!


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Spearing Fish with Carrie Z (11 minutes)

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Rich Collins – Fly Fishing Minute

Purple  Octopus

Purple Octopus 1Purple Octopus Marinating

Killing fish and time with Hugo

Purple Octopus

1 octopus, beak and eyes removed

1 red cabbage, sliced so it’ll fit in a juicer

Juice or puree one head of red cabbage.

Place the octopus in a tupperware and cover with the cabbage juice.

Place in fridge for 24 hours then remove and rinse.

*At this point I vacuum sealed and cooked the octopus using the Sous Vide device but you could otherwise

bring it to a boil and cook on medium heat in water for 20 minutes per pound.

Sous Vide Method

Preheat Sous Vide bath to 180 F

Vacuum seal the octopus and cook in Sous Vide for four hours.

At this point the octopus will be perfectly tender and ready to use in any recipe. I used my Searzall food

torch to give it some color and a little charring

Purple Octopus SearingPurple Octopus Cutting Board
Octopus Asian Salad

Michael Frank Ken Edmonds of Georgia talks fly-fishing & Dave Whitlock



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