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Hangin’ with Kings

Rob, our Canadian Fish Nerds correspondent and tech guru, just wrapped up a season of fishing on the Shuswap River in British Columbia. He was drawn to the Chinook or king salmon run this year for obvious fish nerd reasons.

He put together a video of one of his spots. He got the footage by suspending a GoPro underneath a bobber and tossing the rig into a deep pool of the river.  It is pretty breathtaking when the shoals of 15-20 pound fish come into focus. How does he every do anything else but fish that spot?

BTW: we love the trippy beginning as the camera prepares to take a dive.

image_03 Oct. 10 07.31

image_01 Oct. 10 07.31

image_07 Oct. 10 07.32

image_06 Oct. 10 07.32

image_04 Oct. 10 07.31

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  1. Rob Montgomery

    BTW – it takes patience to catch a salmon here despite their numbers. If there are 10 to 20 guys fishing this spot non-stop from sun-up to sun-down, sometimes we’ll only see one or two caught all day. On a good day, three or four. And you really only get about a 10 day window of opportunity to catch them each season (at this location).

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