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Kayakers Punk Great White Shark

Read the human’s side of the story:

Fish Nerds 451Kayakers attacked by great white shark off Plymouth

Boston Globe


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512px-Great_white_shark_south_africaPLYMOUTH, MA:  Two kayakers thought they were pretty funny when they imitated a couple of lounging seals on Wednesday night, but a vacationing great white shark thought it was no laughing matter.

“It kind of hurt my feelings.” reports the shark. “I bit down and felt hard, tasteless plastic. When the two female humans fell in the water, I knew I had been punked.”

Usually humans are easy to identify with their thin useless fins, bulbous heads and funky smell, but these two were riding in seal decoys.

Shark community leaders are concerned that the human media will have a field day with this case of mistaken identity and warn fellow sharks to be on the look out for news helicopters and rednecks in fishing boats.







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By Hermanus Backpackers (Great White Shark Cage Diving) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons



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