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Mako My Day! Man Celebrates Shark Week with a Fish of a Lifetime


When Swansea, Massachusetts native Ryan Brodeur won a deep sea fishing trip online, he never dreamed that during Shark Week he would land a monster 6 and half foot Atlantic shortfin mako shark. But that is exactly what happened on Monday when Ryan and his father Bob took turns fighting a 220 lb fish for 45 minutes before it was landed off the coast of Maine. Captain Shawn Tibbets of led the trip on board the FV Miss Megan II out of Camp Ellis in Saco, Maine.

When the shark first struck it leaped over 15 feet in the air, causing chaos on deck. The captain and crew quickly got things under control and expertly helped the father and son team land the big shark. “This was a fish of a lifetime for Ryan and his dad. If we had been in a tournament, it likely would have won”.

Mako sharks range from New England to Louisiana and are the fastest sharks in the ocean, with bursts of speed reaching 45 miles an hour. That speed requires a lot of energy and a Canadian researcher recently determined that a 220 pound shortfin mako needs to eat about 6 and a half pounds of food a day to remain active.

Makos are the most popular shark to eat in the U.S., and according to the US Marine Fisheries Service “the Atlantic shortfin mako shark stocks are healthy and populations are not overfished.” The contest was sponsored by and the Fish Nerds Podcast in partnership with

Chief Executive Fish Nerd Clay Groves was on board when the fish was caught. “Makos are simply amazing. Ryan chose to keep his fish and share it among friends and family. We are happy that this shark fed many, many people from Maine to Massachusetts and it reminded us how important local seafood and maritime traditions are in New England. ”

The trip was scheduled for the beginning of Shark Week — which began as a promotional event on the Discovery Channel, but has since become an opportunity for nonprofits, businesses and governmental agencies to educate the public about sharks.

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picture: Bob (left) and Ryan (right) Broder with Atlantic shortfin mako (courtesy of

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