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Mongabay Frozen Ice Holes and Fish Photography Tips Episode 187


The curse of silverlake

Welcome to the Fish Nerds, it’s the latest about Fish, Fishing and Eating Fish

I’m Clay Groves, chief executive Fish Nerd and Licensed Fishing guide

And in the cohost seat today we have Erik Hoffner – Erik is a fisherman and photojournalist who works for Mongabay, a global environmental news service with 30 million readers. He’s also producer for Mongabay’s podcast, the Mongabay Newscast, which has guests like Margaret Atwood, Jane Goodall and Paul Simon. But photography is his main passion beside fishing, so combining them is a thing he does, and has a long series going called Hunter/Gatherer that chronicles people in pursuit of wild food, and has a new series about ice fishing too.



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In that latter category, check out this new feature we published today, Clay:

“Duterte orders navy to fire on foreign poachers in Philippine waters”

And these,

Brand new series: “Reefscape: A global reef survey to build better satellites for coral conservation”

Fish magnet boom creates headaches in Indonesia’s war on overfishing

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