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Public Relations Campaign Fails for 21 Fish


Fish Nerds 45221 fish you no longer have to feel guilty about eating


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21 Fish You Can Now Eat Guilt-Free

Seafood Watch has upgraded several species from ‘avoid’ to ‘best choice’ or ‘good alternative.’


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Sad news today from the U.S. West Coast where efforts have failed for many fish to remain on the unsustainable seafood list.  Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program has flipped their support for many species of groundfish and others, and made them some of America’s most wanted.

“We don’t know what happened” notes a gag grouper “Overall our population is still way down from what we use to be, but now some jerk has put us on the list.”

The gag grouper’s status as one of the fish that is now ok to eat is misleading.  Specifically, gag grouper from the Gulf of Mexico caught by handline is now a “Good Alternative”, but the same fish caught with a bottom longline or in the South Atlantic are still on the “Avoid” list.   Check out the complete list. 

The frustrated grouper concludes, “It’s this kind of irresponsible liberal media reporting that makes me gag”.


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