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Short Cast: Sumner Brook Fish Farm

Sumner Brook Fish Farm

1008513_533867493341842_157171786_oJessie and Jess

Dave from the Fish Nerds chats with Jesse Prunier and Jess Cole, who are making their fishy dreams come true at the Sumner Brook Fish Farm in Ossipee, NH.





In addition to selling trout for stocking, they have a pay-to-fish pond and they sell herbs and smoked trout.   Jess runs the other family business, Sumner Brook Herbals.

The fish farming couple wear their hearts on their sleeves (and on the bumper of their Volvo station wagon)Sumner mobile


It seems everything on the farm is fishy.SAM_0476SAM_0478

GALA : Global Awareness, Local Action.  Jess is the president of the nonprofit with the mission to provide education and opportunity that empowers communities to thrive in the face of economic, environmental, and social challenges.

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images courtesy of Sumner Fish Farm on Facebook and

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