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Spawning in the Age of Aquarium and Stocking for Ice Fishing Ep180







Today we play a little Stump the Fish Nerds

Fish Guy Josh is back with a visit to AALSO

I took a visit to North Country Angler to attempt to give advice on what ice fishing gear to stock


AND I am bringing in a new segment. FN Reviews.

The FN West is back

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This season we are starting a new program a 4 week teen fishing clinic

Quick shout out to the gang over at the twisted ten podcast.


Flat Earth has been in the news a lot and as many listeners know, I am obsessed with this topic.

The fact that people can be so willfully ignorant is fascinating.

The twisted ten had the guys from the Flat Earth Podcast on a few months ago and we here at the Fish Nerds sent them a rebuttal. I will keep ya posted on how that’s going.

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-Do stocked trout  reproduce?

When adult hatchery trout are suddenly thrust into a stream where wild trout have already established a stable social order, “they run around like a motorcycle gang, making trouble wherever they go,” says Dr. Robert A. Bachman, a behavioral ecologist who directs Maryland’s freshwater fisheries division. The new arrivals charge about the stream in a tight school, something the wild fish would never do, provoking fights everywhere. The conflict and chaos, Dr. Bachman has found, eventually result in fewer fish of either kind.

Other studies have also found that stocking tends to reduce the number of wild trout. The hatchery trout dwindle, too, since they are generally more easily caught and less adept at feeding on wild fare. The outcome is often an impoverished fishery dependent on periodic fixes of stocked fish.

Of more serious concern are the genetic risks posed by stocking programs. The genetic integrity of some wild strains, and at least one species, is being threatened by interbreeding and hybridization. Meanwhile, hatcheries in some cases have produced populations of trout and salmon with less genetic variety than is found in the wild. As these fish breed with wild trout, scientists say, they erode the natural gene pool and may impair the ability of wild fish to adapt genetically to environmental changes.


 AALSO conference Aquatic Animal Life Support Operators – Fish Guy Josh


North Country Angler

FN Review



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