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Herpes to bring about carp-aggedon down under


It’s Fish Versus Herpes In Australian Invasive Species Showdown

by Jed Oelbaum, in The Daily Good



Rough fish get no respect, as evidenced by the most recent control method proposed in Australia for invasive common carp. Herpes are being called upon to afflict the big minnow and reduce its numbers.

The story cites that common carp “comprise up to 90 percent of the fish biomass in parts of the Basin.” Ok, that is bad. But do we really want to release herpes to fight them? This idea is coming from the same people that brought you the cane toad.

We think it is too risky (understand that we know nothing about the science behind this proposal). Instead we think Australians need to embrace the carp instead of making an enemy of it. Just eat them. They are, after all, a favorite food fish in Europe and Asia.

Our favorite parts of this story

  • “herpes versus carp. “
  • The herpes plan is “incredibly important because we are afflicted in this nation with these disgusting mud-sucking creatures, ” said Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce
  • Being referred to as “carp-aggedon”, with up to 2 million tons of carp killed.
  • I think a river full of dead carp is not going to be fantastic for business,” Robert Hughes, houseboat operator
  • This video: [vsw id="" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]


from Australia commits $15m in bid to eradicate carp using herpes virus, Melissa Davey, The Guardian

‘The virus affects the carp’s skin and kidneys, takes about seven days to have a noticeable effect and, once it takes hold, usually kills the fish within 24 hours.”





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