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Terminator Fish Set to Invade Great Lakes

College of Engineering developing more robotic fish for Great Lakes research


10/1/14 -Michigan State University plans to use $1million dollar NSF grant to create robotic fish. (link)

Terminator fishEast Lancing, MI – This week Great Lakes fish are reporting that the humans are planning a full on assault using robotic fish to gather intelligence on unsuspecting schools of fish like lake trout and walleye.  “It is big brother, man. They are collecting mounds of data to control us, man. ”  notes a paranoid walleye. “Why? That is the question, man. Why?”

The robofish  were first seen recording water quality and other environmental data, but they now appear to be following fish that have been implanted with acoustic transmitting tags. Some speculate it is only a matter of time before the robots become predatory.

A school of super smart trout are testing traps baited with batteries in an attempt to ensnare the menacing machines.


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