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Fish Nerds Fishing Podcast – Tim Moore Outdoors, Go Fish Dan & Capt. Morgan’s B&T

Tim Moore Outdoors Clay Groves Old Town Canoes Lake TroutWith the holidays here and the year coming to a close it’s time to use up our leftovers! Just like the pasta that was forgotten in the freezer or that jar of pickled herring from last Christmas, the Nerds have scraped the cutting room floor for some stories that for whatever reason never made it on the show. Last October Tim Moore Outdoors took Clay fishing for lake trout and they actually caught fish!  Daddy Mac provided the lures, Old Town provided the kayaks and apparently the Lord provided Clay with some much needed luck. Hugo Medeiros, a Fish Nerds correspondent from Massachusetts caught up with Go Fish Dan Kenney and asked him about his popular fishing show on Youtube and his upcoming expo. Finally, Dave pulled a story he did with Captain Morgan of Guildford, Connecticut.  The Captain tells some great tails about the wide-range of characters that enter his shop.



FIsh Nerds Podcast episode 95





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