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Tuckerman’s Brewery Bass Tactics and Expensive Scallops Episode 166






Our friend Nick sits in the Co-pilot seat and we have a ton of fun!

Bass Fishing while kids are at camp
Tuckerman’s Brewing Company
Fish in the News
Stump the Fish Nerds

There’s a new Fishing Podcast on the Internet, Livewell Podcast
The Livewell is a podcast about fishing and the outdoors. It is based in Minnesota, but features the sport nationwide. Hosted by Andy Petterson and Justin Moen. _Please Head to Itunes or Stitcher and subscribe. Take a listen and tell Andy and Justin what you like and more importantly what you want to hear. They are brand new and feedback is important.

Shout out to Gerry Hansel – He’s a fan who visited NH this week from the Midwest and grabbed some lifelist fish while he was here.


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Karl Hayes
Why are scallops so much money?
CaptShawn Tibbetts Scallops are primarily caught far offshore. The quotas are small and supply and demand gets big dollars for them

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