Fishing Adventures

FN Logos and Headshots

Fish Nerds Logos:

  • Fish Nerds Logo, .png file, 416 KB, 1785 X 1996 (link)
  • Fish Nerds Logo, .pdf file, 1.9MB, (link)

Fish Nerds Promotional Images

  • Dave Kellam, Chief Production Nerd (image for print; headshot) bio
  • Clay Groves, Chief Promotional Nerd (image for print; headshot) bio
  • Dave Kellam and Clay Groves, Fish Nerds (image for print)
  • Dr. Erika Martin, Fish Nerds Corespondent (location: Kansas),  biological adviser (image for web)
  • Hugo Medeiros,  Fish Nerds Corespondent (location: Massachusetts), culinary adviser (image for web)

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